testsite 13.4: Nina Katchadourian and Regine Basha

testsite 13.4

Return Trip

Nina Katchadourian and Regine Basha

September 15th - November 10th, 2013

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Nina Katchadourian, stills from video “Lucy’s Bomb Story” in 30 Years 21 Minutes 17 Tapes (1991/1993), courtesy of the artist. Shown at Testsite September 15–November 10, 2013.

Project Details

For testsite’s tenth-anniversary show, Return Trip, co-founder Regine Basha brings home the artist who inspired the idea for testsite: Brooklyn-based Nina Katchadourian.

The two will present the artist's earliest and rarely-exhibited video work, 30 Years 21 Minutes 17 Tapes (1991/1993). This lush collection is comprised of super-8 and 8mm home movies from the Katchadourian family collection combined with film footage shot in response to the archival family material. Many of the artist’s current interests are present as seedlings in this early work: concerns with family relations and storytelling, taxonomies, an attentiveness to nature, an attraction to the absurd and to sonic/visual interplay, and a desire to mingle the everyday with the sublime. In a live discussion on September 15 at testsite, the artist and the curator will explore the dilemmas, attractions, and challenges of working with family footage.

An interview with Nina Katchadourian.

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