testsite 3.1: Faith Gay and Wendy Atwell

testsite 3.1

Faith Gay and Wendy Atwell

June 29th - August 31st, 2003

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Image courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

We are pleased to announce the first installment of testsite with artist Faith Gay and writer Wendy Atwell. Faith Gay, an Austin-based artist known for her assemblages of melted beads that morph into playful and seemingly cosmological wall installations, has been given the challenge to expand the parameters of her own work and subvert the interior spaces of a normally classical domestic setting. Walls, shelves, niches and cubby holes that were once home to an extensive folk art collection, now hold a proliferation of Faith Gayís exuberant material vision. Also on view is a new suite of color drawings depicting the artist's fascination with found imagery - an eccentric compilation of fun food platters, animal friends, fashion creatures, and aquatic sea life.

Wendy Atwell, a San Antonio based critic and writer has closely tracked the progress of Faith's cumulative installation, and has responded to it with her own musings on the nature of art-making and the delight of an unexpected encounter. Atwell explores the artist's subversive approach to the everyday and to the activity of play, and she discovers possible ways to overthrow mundane consumerist drives. Wendy Atwell's essay will appear in a collaboratively made, limited edition booklet. Each booklet, a uniquely designed object in and of itself, will bring together images of Faith Gay's drawings, the installation, Atwell's text and an insert of a narrative about Brer Rabbit, which Atwell proposes as relating to the installation. The booklets will continue to be constructed throughout the run of the installation and a limited number will be available by request.

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