testsite 3.2: Kelly Baum and Luke Savisky

testsite 3.2

Luke Savisky and Kelly Baum

October 2nd - November 20th, 2003

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Image courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

For testsite, Luke Savisky has populated the interior and exterior of the space with filmic visions layered over each other, onto found objects and paintings, and onto walls, windows, and ceilings, redefining and expanding the physical and psychological architecture of the house. The installation will continue to change and evolve over time, with some projections being removed and others added. Likewise, special events will take place on certain Thursdays, and excerpts from Kelly Baum's essay will be integrated into the physical space of the installation. Savisky proposes a statement by Carl Zimmer to reflect on the nature of his work:

"[Conscious] thought - like language and memory - occurs in networks of neurons located at the surface of the brain in a thin layer of tissue called the cortex. These networks also form loops, however, that dip deep within the brain, where they converge and then return to the surface. According to a theory proposed by. Rodolfo Linas of New York University, a special set of neurons deep in the brain synchronizes the activity of the loops of [conscious] thought. The harmony of all the different thought processes gives rise to coherence that we call consciousness. Schiff and his colleagues say that when a number of these loops or the region that synchronizes them is damaged, the brain slips... Yet even after extensive damage, they argue some of the loops may still function, though in isolation - like fragments of mind"

-Carl Zimmer, "Unconscious, Comatose and Vegetative Neurology Patients," New York Times magazine, September 28, 2003.

The collaboration between Kelly Baum and Luke Savisky will result in a textual projection incorporated into the space. Music for the installation provided by Stars of The Lid.

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