testsite 4.4: Annette Lawrence and Annette Carlozzi

testsite 4.4

Annette Lawrence and Annette Carlozzi

September 12th, 2004 - October 17th, 2004

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Image courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

Fluent~Collaborative is pleased to announce testsite 04.4, a collaboration between artist Annette Lawrence and writer Annette Carlozzi.

For the past ten years, Annette Lawrence has, among other bodies of work, created room-sized string installations whose ephemeral geometries transform exhibition spaces. After each installation, Lawrence and her assistants have rolled the string into fist-sized balls to be stored, then added to and re-used in subsequent works. Envisioning her testsite installation as a reprise of the last decade's worth of responding to space, Lawrence will install these 95 balls of string on one wall, leaving the remaining physical space undisturbed. A history of Lawrence's past string installations will be available in documentary images, casually placed in the room.

Annette Carlozzi's written voice varies considerably in response to particular works of art. About a year ago, she began experimenting with poetic formats for texts about work that is body-centered and informed by music. For this testsite collaboration, she invited Annette Lawrence to create a site-specific work and proposed to write a prose poem that would allude to the rich and complicating layers in Lawrence's art. The idea of words-as-threads, which guided the selection of the collaborating partner, has evolved into the creation of a sound piece--where, in essence, a web of words will fill the space and complement its inspiration, the quiet and self-contained string sculpture.

Carlozzi and Lawrence have invited Austin-based poet Ana Sisnett to perform the sound portion of this installation. A limited edition CD will be produced in conjunction with the collaboration.

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