testsite 5.1: Harrell Fletcher and Ruxandra Guidi

testsite 5.1

What We Talk About

Harrell Fletcher and Ruxandra Guidi

March 13th - May 8th, 2005

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Harrell Fletcher. Image courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

testsite is pleased to invite artist Harrell Fletcher and public radio producer Ruxandra Guidi for an Austin-based participatory project and an exhibition of previous works. For testsite, Harrell Fletcher will generate a series of 15 minute presentations called What We Talk About, from within the expanded Austin community. Individuals who have a remote connection to the artist or to art have been asked share their most passionate hobby, topic of interest, or body of knowledge within a small gathering. Like previous presentations of this nature, anything from a demonstration of the best eggplant parmesan, to yoga, to stand-up comedy, to the history of chocolate, to a bio-chemist designing heavy-metal animations is possible. The presentations will result in the production of a video which will be on-view at testsite and a newspaper - the distribution of which will coincide with the airing of a radio piece produced by Ruxandra Guidi. Details of the radio show and newspaper locations will be announced at a later date at www.fluentcollab.org

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