testsite 6.2: Tomo Savic Gecan and Kate Green

testsite 6.2

Metropolis M magazine (no. 2, 2006) has been reduced in size by 1mm

Tomo Savic-Gecan and Kate Green

May 16th - June 18th, 2006

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Tomo Savic-Gecan. Image courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

Tomo Savic-Gecan's project with Kate Green at testsite begins by manipulating a product by an indecipherable amount—a minimal, yet vast and enduring gesture. Metropolis M, a contemporary art magazine based in the Netherlands, agreed to publish its second issue of 2006 one millimeter smaller than its standard size. At testsite, several copies of the magazine are available for browsing. A wall text describes the alterations that have been made to the magazine to Austin audiences, but no text in the magazine alerts its Dutch readership to their participation in this project as purchasers of Tomo’s artwork. The fulcrum of the project does not lie with the unwitting readers or the potentially perplexed gallery visitors, but the strong-willed and utterly intangible concept that spreads its Deleuzian web beyond the artworld into the marketplace and through any discrete moment of interaction with the work.

The second part of the installation involves several generic-looking drinking glasses that sit on glass shelves at testsite. A one-sentence label describes their recent history: Tomo melted down the windows of a gallery that had invited him to exhibit and had them made into vessels that were sipped from at the opening. As traces of lips and fingers become visible on the glasses in Austin, the web extends from this viewing moment to others: the caterers who last washed the cups, the lips that drank before, the hands that melted the vessels down, the workers who removed the panes from their sills to rest in Tomo's concept and his refusal to provide fuel for the ever-growing forces of the market.

Project Images

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