testsite 14.1: Justin Cooper and Rachel Adams

testsite 14.1


Justin Cooper and Rachel Adams

February 16th - March 30th, 2014

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Justin Cooper, Thread (installation view at Gallery 400, Chicago, IL, 2008) ½ mile of garden hose, overall dimensions variable.

Project Details

testsite is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Texas of Brooklyn-based artist Justin Cooper, curated by Rachel Adams. Cooper is known for transforming mundane, everyday objects into art installations, utilizing PVC piping, wheelbarrows, plastic hula leis, and the ever-present, green garden hose in his artistic practice. At testsite, Cooper will install an immersive sculpture made from garden hoses that will snake through the domestic setting of the ground floor. The hoses, articulating the formal lines of a drawing in space as much as a three-dimensional sculpture, will create a multitude of niches and smaller locales within the gallery. Cooper explains, “There is a wobbling between the objects being what they are—hoses, in this case—and simply a means to create lines in space as opposed to referencing something else.” Accompanying this work will be a selection of Cooper's colorful and humorous drawings. In conjunction with the installation at testsite, the artist will present a stand-up comedy performance at Co-Lab Projects on Saturday, February 15th at 8pm.

Curator Rachel Adams and artist Justin Cooper are collaborating on a catalogue that will accompany the exhibition at testsite. The catalogue is underwritten by JoAnn Hickey.

Special thanks to Callahan's General Store, Austin, for material support of the exhibition.

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