testsite 16.1: Nathan Nordstrom and Chale Nafus

testsite 16.1


Nathan Nordstrom and Chale Nafus

February 21st - April 24th, 2016

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Nathan “SLOKE” Nordstrom painting a “piece” in Austin, TX. Photo courtesy of the artist. Photographer: Marie Garrison.

Project Details

Fluent~Collaborative & testsite are pleased to present testsite 16.1: Nathan “SLOKE” Nordstrom: FATCAPPED, an installation of work by Austin-native graffiti artist Nathan Nordstrom curated by Chale Nafus. This project will bring SLOKE’s graffiti art sensibility and expertise into the intimate gallery space with a selection of works on panel as well as documentary photographs of related work from the streets of Austin and other cities in the US and abroad. The project opens on Sunday, February 21 with a public reception from 4 to 6 pm, and a conversation between the artist and the curator at 4:30 pm.

In Graffiti Art, the term "piece" (short for masterpiece) is a large, colorful, complex painting of an artist's name. The art form is based on letters (one's name) with the "tag" (one's signature) being the foundation. The goal of a graffiti artist is to develop and master styles. Ever since the beginning of time humans have left their mark on surfaces. In the graffiti world we call this "Stylized Typography." For this testsite exhibit my goal is to take pieces of a "piece" and put them in a different setting where they can be viewed. This is my way of taking the rawness and energy of the streets and bringing it indoors. A lot of what I've experienced in my graffiti art career, I want to translate to canvas – the outlines, compositions, layers, forms, colors, beauty, destruction, texture, the drama, the temporary nature of the art form, and the risks involved in painting in the streets. This I believe is what makes the exhibit interesting. We are going to peel off the walls and bring them indoors.

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