testsite 17.1: Amy Hauft and Carol Mavor

testsite 17.1

Tender Glass

Amy Hauft and Carol Mavor

November 1st - November 3rd, 2017

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Still image from Amy Hauft, Looping animation of ocean waves from underwater, diving in tropics, 2017. Video loop, clip length: 20 seconds. © Arseniy Gutov, 2017.

Project Details

“Texas Flood Disaster: Harvey Has Unloaded 9 Trillion Gallons of Rain. If that water were collected into a cube next to Houston’s downtown, it would cover an area of about four square miles and be two miles tall…The 9 trillion gallons of water dispensed so far is enough to fill the entire Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City — twice! It would take nine days straight for the Mississippi River to drain into Houston and equal the amount of water already there.”

—Matthew Cappucci, noon, 9/27/2017, The Washington Post

Fluent~Collaborative & testsite are pleased to present Tender Glass, an art installation by Amy Hauft. Hauft produces architectural-scale installations in which landscape seems to occur in indoor settings. Each artwork is an intersection of the viewer’s haptic and cognitive experiences. Initially, one’s physical experience takes precedence; eventually, an anomalous logic challenges and concentrates that physical memory.

For Tender Glass, Hauft makes palpable a volumetric experience of water. In a disastrous coincidence, Hurricane Harvey makes that ambition dreadfully poignant.

Hauft creates site interventions that intensify the self-consciousness of the viewer as an entity both occupying and moving through a space. She creates circumstances that elicit a viewer’s self-conscious presence. For Tender Glass, she takes the physical parameters of the gallery’s living room as an opportunity for viewers to animistically apprehend the space’s volume. Through modest interventions of a video projection, curtains and a material sleight of hand with the room’s furniture, Hauft makes visceral the proportions and physicality of the space.

On Wednesday, November 1st, Hauft will be joined by cultural theorist and art historian, Carol Mavor, to discuss the material affect of her interventions. Mavor is known for books in which she takes literary and political risks to palpably divine the content of artworks. For this occasion, Mavor has written a fairy tale set within the circumstance of Hauft’s Tender Glass imagery. Designed by Jesse Cline, a printed edition of the story will be available.

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