testsite 10.5: Rob Verf and Roberto Tejada

testsite 10.5

Full Foreground

Rob Verf and Roberto Tejada

November 14th - December 19th, 2010

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Full Foreground (video still), 2010. Courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

For their collaboration artist Rob Verf and art-writer/poet Roberto Tejada seek to enliven the exhibition space and its logic of display with a set of visual metaphors and language that set into motion differences and associative links between forms of claim-making that engage inner speech and public address. Verf and Tejada present a video installation in which language plays a determinate role.

"Our collaboration constitutes a series of metaphors overturning the pyramids of high and low. In languages popular, elite, disciplinary, and insubordinate, we aim to activate a tutorial akin to that of the exhibition space as a site that galvanizes individuals into cultural citizens. We see ‘dialogue’ not only as the format of this project, but as content as well—in the material fact of monosyllabic claims on expanded polystyrene foam." 

Project Images

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