MBG Issue #159: Shape Becomes the Story

Issue # 159Shape Becomes the StoryDecember 17, 2010share with a friend:Eric Zimmerman, So Long To The Good Old Moon (detail), 2010, 12 page BW newspaper. Courtesy of the artist. (detail)from the editorThis holiday season finds us taking stock more soberly. The passing away last week of Peter Marzio, the longtime Director of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, tallies another huge … Read More

MBG Issue #158: Another Life of the Made

Issue # 158Another Life of the MadeDecember 3, 2010share with a friend:Cromosaturación (Choromosaturation), 1998 (Detail), Cruz-Diez Retrospective: 1954-1998, Satdistiche Museum, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 1998. (detail)from the editorAs a follow-up to this week’s Letter from the Editor and in support of David Wojnarowicz’s work and the exhibition Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, Fluent~Collaborative has released a statement from Dan Cameron, which can … Read More

testsite 10.5: Rob Verf and Roberto Tejada

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MBG Issue #157: By Any Means Necessary

Issue # 157By Any Means NecessaryNovember 12, 2010share with a friend:Art Workers Coalition, Art Workers Won’t Kiss Ass, 1969. (detail)from the editorThis issue of …might be good, the first after the midterm elections, revolves around reconceptions of the artwork and the art world. Dropping out, getting off the grid and appropriating space for radical purposes—whether in the pages of a magazine, … Read More

MBG Issue #156: Just Like a Filtering System

Issue # 156Just Like a Filtering SystemOctober 29, 2010share with a friend:Ryan Hennessee, The Specious Present at 700 Congress, 2010, Video animation commissioned by Arthouse. Courtesy of the artist. (detail)from the editorBy the time this issue goes live, many of you in Austin will have already visited Arthouse at the Jones Center. After a long and suspenseful wait, the building, transformed … Read More

MBG Issue #155: The Medium is the Mummy

Issue # 155The Medium is the MummyOctober 15, 2010share with a friend:Mary Ellen Carroll, Prototype 180 site (mid-rotation), 6513 Sharpview Drive, Houston. Photograph by Kenny Trice.from the editorTwo spectacular art events were slated to take place in Houston last week. The explosion on October 6 of Cai Guo-Qiang’s gunpowder drawing Odyssey, commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston for a hefty … Read More

MBG Issue #154: Foraging for New Definition

Issue # 154Foraging for New DefinitionOctober 1, 2010share with a friend:Photo: Be Johnny Video Design: http://bejohnny.com, location: Giddings, TX highway 290 & 70.from the editorFall is here, and with it comes a new chapter in the history of …might be good. For weeks now, I’ve been thinking about the best way to introduce myself to you as your new editor. It … Read More

Just Because 10.4: Mary Walling Blackburn

Just Because 10.4Accidental Pornographies: Lesson Plans 1-9Mary Walling BlackburnSeptember 19th – October 31st, 2010share with a friend:Installation view, Accidental Pornographies: Lesson Plans 1-9, just because…10.4, Austin, TX, 2010. Image courtesy of the artist.Project DetailsOverviewAbout the ArtistIn January 2010, artist Mary Walling Blackburn spent four weeks in Austin teaching a course entitled “Accidental Pornographies: The Visual Effects of the American Women’s … Read More

MBG Issue #153: For the art enthusiast in the grip of serious seasonal ennui

Issue # 153For the art enthusiast in the grip of serious seasonal ennuiJuly 30, 2010share with a friend:Minerva Cuevas, Detail, Crossing of the Rio Bravo, 2010, Action, string, lime, water, brush, metallic bucket, historical documents, postcards, map, petrified wood, petrified dinosaur bone, tire piece, pavement paint, rocks, compass, flowers. Photos by Erika Blumenfeld. Photography © Fredrik Nilsen.from the editorI find it … Read More

Just Because 10.3: Michael Krumenacker

Just Because 10.3Your Hair Is MineMichael KrumenackerJuly 25th- August 29th, 2010share with a friend:Installation view, Your Hair Is Mine, just because…10.3, Austin, TX, 2010. Image courtesy of the artist.Project DetailsOverviewAbout the ArtistYour Hair Is Mine continues Michael Krumenacker’s investigation of the ways in which visual culture—design, architecture and art—creates and reinforces structures of power and class. At testsite, Krumenacker replaces and … Read More