Just Because 11.3: Teruko Nimura

Just Because 11.3

Spaces Between

Teruko Nimura

July 10th - August 7th, 2011

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Image courtesy of the artist. Photo credit: Maia Assaf

Project Details

As an artist, Teruko Nimura is interested in the commonalities among human experiences and the ways that we use symbols and rituals to create collective memory. Spaces Between is an investigation of community, identity and spiritual practices through the lens of Asian and Asian-American culture. Popular icons like the laughing Buddha and Hello Kitty, or familiar traditions such as paper cranes and prayer flags become foundations that she uses to build upon with her own personal meaning. Large volumes of repetitive forms made by hand express time, labor, and consideration, emphasizing the sincerity of the objects, the beauty of shared efforts, and the importance of the individual as part of a greater whole.

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