Just Because 10.1: Elizabeth Chiles

Just Because 10.1

Book of Praise

Elizabeth Chiles

March 7 - 28th, 2010

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Elizabeth Chiles, Aboo, 2009, Archival inkjet print, 6 x 6 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Karl Marx says that the problem with beauty is that it doesn’t talk back; that is its strength in fact. Its silence reminds us about grace. –Elizabeth Chiles

Taking compositions found within the landscape as a starting place, Elizabeth Chiles builds syntax out of the formal and affective relationships between darkness and natural light. Her photographs endow light with temporal and spatial presence—a visible presence that nonetheless gestures toward the imperceptible and ineffable. This handling of light transforms the everyday into something to be revered. In this way, the works in Book of Praise become an ode to a presence akin to that of an altar or inspired text, or what may be the aura of the sacred.

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