MBG Issue #144: Hungry for its Subject

Issue # 144Hungry for its SubjectMarch 26, 2010share with a friend:Asher Roth, I Love College, 2009, Screen capture of YouTube music video.from the editor This week, as promised, …might be good is joining the conversation about artist-run schools. To kick things off, in the thoughts that follow I scratch the surface of the relationship between today’s artist-run schools and the museums and … Read More

MBG Issue #143: Keep Scrolling

Issue # 143Keep ScrollingMarch 12, 2010share with a friend:Dawolu Jabari Anderson, Em Jay at Finesilver at Volta NYC, 2010. Photo: Anna Krachey.from the editorThis week, e-flux’s most recent issue and  Anna Craycroft’s Subject of Learning/Object of Study at the Blanton continued to contribute to the current investigation of pedagogy and artists’ pedagogical projects. With all the fresh words spilled on the subject, we’ll wait … Read More

Just Because 10.1: Elizabeth Chiles

Just Because 10.1Book of PraiseElizabeth ChilesMarch 7 – 28th, 2010share with a friend:Elizabeth Chiles, Aboo, 2009, Archival inkjet print, 6 x 6 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.Project DetailsOverviewAbout the ArtistKarl Marx says that the problem with beauty is that it doesn’t talk back; that is its strength in fact. Its silence reminds us about grace. –Elizabeth Chiles Taking compositions … Read More

MBG Issue #142: Words of Encouragement

Issue # 142Words of EncouragementFebruary 26, 2010share with a friend:Annette Lawrence, Legacy Line: Modern Ruin, 2010, Graphite on wall. Photo: Kevin Todora.from the editorRecently, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has been home to a cluster of exhibitions and artist projects in vacant commercial and residential spaces. In large part, this issue is devoted to those, with features on Modern Ruin (which occupied a … Read More

MBG Issue #141: Initially Skeptical

Issue # 141Initially SkepticalFebruary 12, 2010share with a friend:Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Menil House #01), 2002, Laser chrome print, 47.25 x 56.75 inches. Collection of Suzanne Deal Booth and David G. Booth.from the editorFirst of all, definitely go see Desire at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin. The last show in Austin that stirred up so much … Read More

MBG Issue #140: A Gesture of Science Fiction

Issue # 140A Gesture of Science FictionJanuary 29, 2010share with a friend:Alejandro Cesarco, The Two Stories, 2009, Still from a 16 mm film transferred to video. Courtesy Murray Guy, New York and the artist.from the editorA conversation about art and economy may easily descend into a list of shortages (shortages in government funding, philanthropy, collectors, galleries, studio spaces) and, in … Read More

MBG Issue #139: The Everyday Uncanny

Issue # 139The Everyday UncannyJanuary 15, 2010share with a friend:Adam Schreiber, Halliburton Archiving Solutions (II), 19872009, Archival inkjet print, 32 x 40 inches. Courtesy the artist.from the editorLast week, The Blanton made two small announcements that add up to something much more significant: the institution is continuing its move to reposition itself as the city’s destination museum, not merely a better-than-average university … Read More